1R Flexible Column Barrier

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With its easy-to-assemble structure, it is ideal for preventing/minimizing the damage that may occur as a result of vehicle collisions close to the ground, to the carrier columns in indoor and outdoor environments with Transport / Loading and vehicle traffic. They are used to protect them from wear and tear caused by continuous impacts on the carrier straps, and also to limit the desired areas.

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Technical Dimensions and Models

This table will help you know more about your product and make the right choice. The dimensions in the table show the physical characteristics and dimensions of your product. This information will help you check the suitability of your product. Models show different features and variations of your product. These features may differ according to the needs and preferences of your customers.

Post Dimensions Rail Dimensions Height Max Length Max
Alpha Ø250 mm Ø160 mm 430 mm 2500 mm
Delta Ø200 mm Ø140 mm 380 mm 2300 mm
Zeta Ø180 mm Ø125 mm 345 mm 2200 mm
Omega Ø160 mm Ø110 mm 330 mm 2000 mm
Gama Ø140 mm Ø90 mm 310 mm 1800 mm

Impact Absorption and Test Values

This chart helps them understand how strong your product is and how long it can withstand harsh conditions. These values help determine how much damage your product can take after impact or impact. Test values show results from various tests to measure the performance of your product.

Vehicle Mass Vehicle Speed Maximum Energy 45° Maximum Energy 90°
Alpha 3443 kg 8 km/h 17000 Joule 8500 Joule
Delta 2835 kg 8 km/h 14000 Joule 7000 Joule
Zeta 3960 kg 6 km/h 11000 Joule 5500 Joule
Omega 2880 kg 6 km/h 8000 Joule 4000 Joule
Gama 1800 kg 6 km/h 5000 Joule 2500 Joule