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3R Barriers

What is 3R Barrier?

It is a barrier series produced for high height in flexible barrier products. Ideal for machine fronts, 3R Barriers can also provide protection from forklift blades or pallet truck blades with foot protection. Keeping the basic protection at a high level with its different models, 3R Barriers are used in human and pedestrian traffic with different models. As with 2R Barriers, 3R Barriers are used as shelf protection barriers.

Where is 3R Barrier Used?

3R Barriers, which are generally used in machinery and wall protection, are also used in pedestrian traffic and vehicle traffic. As with other barriers, it is very simple and easy to install. They are also suitable products for disassembly. 3R Flexible Barriers are among the most frequently used products by warehouses and factories. Features Loading points and shelf end protections are made with 3R Barriers, which are widely used in the storage industry. It provides high height protection in factories and is widely used for personnel traffic.