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Warning and Protection Profiles

Soft Textured

Softer and 100% reliable than standard foam protectors. Specially designed to protect persons and equipment from shock hazards. It meets the necessary world standards and has proven its reliability. Thanks to its special formula, it is softer and more durable than its competitors in the market. In this way, it both absorbs the shock very well and prevents ruptures and fragments by preserving its integrity. It is generally used as a low ceiling sponge protection.


In order to protect nature and sustainability, it is necessary to use reusable products instead of disposable. Puffy Guard is exactly such a product. Thanks to its reusability, you can increase your company's savings. Thanks to its adhesive strips, you will have the opportunity to carry it to a different point every time for many years with minor revisions.

Simple and Effective Solution

Puffy Guard is a very simple and cost-effective product, yet it is a wonderfully effective product. Thanks to its special polyurethane structure, it has a structure that maintains its durability for many years. It is very suitable not only for businesses but also for home use. It is used in newborn babies to protect developmental children from sharp corners in the house (table corner, coffee table corner, etc.).

Small Actions Prevent Big Problems

Protectors manufactured with special production technology have a flexible structure. They can be easily mounted even in curved and hard-to-grip places. In addition, it is highly resistant to discoloration and abrasion thanks to the coating on the upper surface. The feature that makes the products different from the others is that the polyurethane foam in the middle and the polyurethane foil forming the upper surface are produced at the same time. The most striking feature of the tapes produced with the reverse printing technique is their color. Thanks to this feature, it is highly resistant to discoloration and fading. It is not affected even under the most difficult working conditions, its colors are not damaged. The material with high adhesive effect on the underside is light and wear-resistant.