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1R Barriers

What is 1R Barrier?

With 1R Barriers, the barrier series produced for low height in flexible barrier products, you can be protected from forklift blades or pallet truck blades. With different models, you can keep the basic protection at a low level and protect people and traffic with 1R Barriers that are heightened.

Where is 1R Barrier Used?

As with other barriers, it is very simple and easy to install. They are also products suitable for disassembly. Another prominent feature of 1R Flexible Barriers is their use as shelf protection. Our 1R Flexible Barriers, which are used as shelf end protection and shelf foot protection, more than meet their needs.

What is Shelf Protection Barrier?

Thanks to our professional shelf protection barriers, you can prevent forklift and pallet truck accidents in your warehouses and prevent major financial losses.

Why Plastic Barrier For Shelves?

Shelves are designed for vertical loads and even if they are solid structures, they are not resistant to horizontal forces. Therefore, there must be a barrier in front of our shelves. Our difference as Flexible Barrier is that the barriers used to protect your shelves are plastic. This situation both protects the shelf legs and prevents the forklift and pallet truck from being damaged by hitting the barrier.